Cooking and Smoking Food with the Crabby Old Bugger

When we talk about smoking we are talking about food, not weed or tobaccy. And when it comes to material the sky is the limit. There is nothing that can't be smoked. Even whole turkeys can be done if you have the right gear.

Having tried all the cheap methods for smoking I finally settled on a Bradley. My second one actually. They use pucks much like a small hockey puck, each one smokes for 20 minutes then another one is automatically loaded. You can smoke for over 5 hours and never have to attend it once you get it figured out. The new ones are computerized and temperature controlled. Little more money, but when it comes to the result the extra buck is well worth the effort.

Smoked Cheese a specialty of the house. You can't beat a sharp cheddar that has been apple smoked. But warning, if you do make some make lots, it disappears fast. It has to be cold smoked and the Bradley does a fine job. You do have to keep a pan with ice at the bottom of the smoker. The temp has to be controlled to less than 90 degrees F (note, I use the Understandable Scale, not the Political Scale for my measurements). Smoking time is around 5 (or more) hours. I also prefer apple wood for fuel.

Smoked Salmon is something everyone smokes. It can be made in a couple of different styles. I prefer Lox Salmon, soft in texture. Candied salmon is great for pocket snacks as it is hard and dry and is easy to carry.

Smoked Sausage to die for. I make a fresh beef and pork German style sausage. Smoke at a medium temperature to keep it slightly moist. Great raw or on the BBQ.

Smoked Prawns, what can I say... you never tasted anything so good.

Other things; smoke a whole turkey or chicken, ribs, chops, anything you can cook you can smoke.

My daughter found a recipe for smoked apples. Dry them and smoke em. Haven't tried fruit yet, but will try it.

Have not been too successful at smoked nuts. I think one should coat them with something that will absorb the smoke flavour. The hardness of them does not lend to absorbing smoke easy. Maybe I need to smoke them at a higher temperature.

Now, on another subject. My lineage goes back to Russian/German area of the Volga River Valley. An interesting story about how Germans came to Russia. For a real good story click here (close browser window to return here).

But, this is about cooking. I have been trying to track down the old recipes I ate as a kid. cabbage cakes especially (Kraut Berok). Butter Glase, real Rye Bread. As I find them I will make the recipes available. Every one will be tested by yours truly.

Am always looking for other things to try, so if you have some ideas I would love to hear from you. Email me with your suggestions or comments


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