Introduction, and welcome

About all I can say is "I'm Back"

Not really a Crabby Old Bugger. Just that we can't please everyone. So if we start off crabby we really only have one direction to go. But the truth, it all started as a joke. When I worked for the then Malaspina College (now Vancouver Island University) it seemed some importance was attached to initials after your name. So my business card was "Thomas Wagner, COB, BSBB, POITS". I was not as politically correct so the full title was "Thomas Wagner, Crabby Old Bastard, Bullshit Baffles Brains and Piss On It Tomorrow's Saturday". I had to use bugger for web pages so as not to trip filters that hate the other word. Not to knock them but most of the MA's and PHD's never caught on.

Some of the stuff on this site is from old webpages (I have been doing them since the Fidonet in the 90's) and may not be totally up to date. I will be updating as time allows.

In 2010 had to give up sailing, so I started back in model boats. Much less expensive. I still have lots of things to keep up my interests. I do the odd bit of writing, lots of photography. As well have set my ham radio gear up again, so looking forward to the old contacts I used to have.

I restore the odd clock and radio. But mainly for personal pleasure. I can however be convinced to take on a challenge if you happen to have something you want fixed.

For those of you interested in history please read the story of Donald Hings at the bottom of my Ham Radio page. He is credited as the Canadian inventor of the Walkie Talkie. There is lots of past writing and history on these pages too.

There is a lot of information here as well as a place for me to blog. I hope you enjoy your visit and look forward to any feedback, good or bad.

In most instances this site is set up so that closing a page will take you back. When viewing images bordered in blue (clickable images) a larger image will come up. Using your back icon will close the page and return you properly, or use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to navigate.


This site is friendly on tablet and cell phone browsers. I recommend the use of the Boat Browser Mini, a copy of which can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

I have been talked into doing the odd website for different folk. If you want a simple quick website, feel free to contact me. Work in progress for clients is found in the members only password protected page.

Thank you for visiting, if you want to contact me email me .

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