Accumulating, junk collecting or hoarding?

A good question. Just what is Accumulating... and more important who is an accumulator?

As an accumulator I have a few rules to live by. First, is it of some importance to me and others? Second, if it ran or worked once does it work now or can it be restored? If no, I class it as junk to be thrown away or parts to be kept to fix or restore other items. Third, is it nice to look at or is it offensive? Strange this rule goes both ways, some accumulators collect the wierdest stuff. So this is a subjective rule. I prefer things that are nice to look at. Fourth, does it have some historical value? This is important as the simplest things can have immense, non-monetory value. And finally, do I have room for it? I would love to still be able to accumulate old cars. But where the heck would I keep them (if I could afford them). By far these are not all the rules I follow, just the important ones.

OK, to the meat of this. Here are the categories I accumulate in. They are clickable and will bring up more specific details.


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